Esther Dalseno | An Eye for an Eye
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An Eye for an Eye

09 Nov An Eye for an Eye


An eye for an eye, a blurb for a blurb…isn’t that how the old proverb goes?

I was delighted when my publisher informed me that the adult edition of Gabriel and the Swallows has a new cover endorsement, from none other than the iconic Elise Kova, scribe of the USA Today bestselling series, Air Awakens.

At almost exactly the same time, I was approached to endorse the cover of Entangled Teen’s new sci-fi release, The Lying Planet by Carol Riggs, one of my all-time favorite authors of all things YA and Middle-Grade.

I can’t decide which cover I like better…or which author.  Carol and Elise -hugs, inspiration, respect and thanks!